Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sungold cherry tomatoes

Sungold cherry tomatoes
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We planted a couple of tomato plants behind our apartment - they are both about 9' tall and the Sungold is particularly prolific. And 'oh boy' delicious.

The fun goes on and on and on...

Seth and Maggie found the first black walnuts of the year and had a big time pounding the fruit with hammers to get to the nut, which they squeezed out with their fingers. Which will no doubt now be stained for quite some time.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Travis Reed comes to town

Travis Reed
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Our good friend Travis Reed of 'the work of the people' spent a few days with us last week. He was in town to do some filming with Sean for a 6 part video series that will be a small group resource exploring some of the themes of the Story of God that scripture invites us to be shaped by.

We spent many hours wandering the neighborhood, on the streets downtown, in the London-Ferrell garden and the Episcopal cathedral, trying to capture where these themes are being made manifest in our life here in Lexington. With heat indices in the 100s, it was hot and sweaty work, but thanks to Travis' talent for drawing forth inspiration when it seems to be draining out with every drop of sweat, we finished all six. Travis will now turn his editorial gift to transforming those many hours of film into short films that will hopefully provoke thought and conversation around the Story.

The book should be back from the printers in just 3 weeks. Sean will be heading up to Chicago to spend a couple of days at the Christian Community Development Association's annual conference with the good people of IVP, and will return with a few cases of books. We are excited to finally see it!

We'll let you know when the videos are done, and where you can take a look at them.