Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Barnyard buddies

Barnyard buddies
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Maggie & Seth enjoyed their school pumpkin patch and really enjoyed getting to hold candy in their hands - some of which was redistributed as kids came trick or treating in the neighborhood - just say 'no' to (excessive) sugar.


Pete the Brit said...
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Pete the Brit said...

Very Cute

I say:


infact why not:


A philospohy like that is sure not harmful LOL

geoff and sherry said...

yay! you beautiful gladdin's. we let isaac off the lease sugar-wise and he cut himself off after several mini-bars of choc...a self regulating 4 year old is a rare thing.
missing you all,

geoff and sherry said...

leash, not lease...duh. lease has nothing to do with it, just a typo that has clouded the whole issue and caused confusion. sorry.