Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jingle Bells and Veteran's Day

Having just returned from vacation late last night, Rebecca headed to Kroger today to pick up some food necessities so we could feed Maggie and Seth dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow (shopping being something we try hard to rest from on Sundays - and pretty much any time when we don't have to get something). Over said dinner, Rebecca asked Maggie if she could remember the song they'd heard at the store - which she could. Jingle Bells.

Now it's bad enough that all the Christmas stuff has already been out for a couple of weeks - but "Jingle Bells" before Thanksgiving?! And on Veteran's Day/Memorial Sunday? We paused before lunch to remember those whose lives have been lost in war, and prayed for peace. (Maggie wanted to know why people were hitting each other in wars - after I fumbled with an attempt to explain Memorial Sunday, and war in general, Rebecca saved me from myself and translated my efforts into 3 year old-ish, to Maggie's satisfaction).

I love holidays. I want to anticipate them, savour the build up - especially the new holiday I've gained from living in the U.S. But Kroger has apparently decided that we can just skip Thanksgiving (unless they're offering the convenience of buying turkeys for both holidays at the same time). Maybe if it hadn't been Memorial Sunday today I would have just shrugged at Rebecca's comment and kept eating the Freschetta pizza we settled on for dinner. But Jingle Bells as the soundtrack for Veteran's Day? I don't know about that...



Pete the Brit said...

I was in Kroger on Thursday and they were playing 'Feliz Navidad'. Even scarier than that was I find myself quietly singing along and smiling....then I realized what I was doing and was surprised that a) I knew the words in Spanish (not bad for an Englishman) and b) I was buying into the way too early celebration of Christmas.

I guess I'm excited about Christmas this year as it doesn't have a 'shadow' hanging over it this year as it has the past two. I've already caught myself thinking about hanging up my door wreath!!!!!

KellyLawson22 said...

I'm with you. I drive downtown where I work and see all of the Christmas stuff decorating Main Street. It's too much. AFTER Thanksgiving (after the kitchen is cleaned and I can relax again) is definitely when I like to start the build up and anticipation for Christmas... the season of Advent is such a special time. It's hard to let that excitement build through Advent, when the whole world around me has already begun the commercial festivities of "The Winter Holidays".