Saturday, December 29, 2007

TI66ER resurrected

TI66ER resurrected
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Thanks to the good people at Mancuso Collision the old gal's back on the road - and barely recognizable from the everyday hack she's been for 16 years! A shiny new paint job, sparkling chrome - I'm feeling a little pressure to keep her clean now. But I'm sure that feeling will wear off soon.


Pablo said...

Hey! thanks for the email about your blog! Will check in now. Glad to see your bike on the road again - great to see Martyn Joseph at your house! Did you jam with him? or get him to play dolphins?!
Paul S (UK)

The Gladdings in Houston said...

Hey Pablo - happy new year to you and Helen! Martyn's swinging by again next month - I haven't picked up a guitar in way too long. But i did get him to show me the alternate tuning for "Can't Breathe" - i've got a video of that I'll try and remember to send you...