Sunday, June 1, 2008

Community gardening

'Gypsy' peppers
Originally uploaded by the gladdings
We're having mixed success in the community garden at the moment. Some of the pepper plants are doing great - others put on lots of flowers, but little fruit. The tomatoes are huge - but are being assaulted by some kind of larvae. We're spraying them with a bacteria recommended by 'Urban Harvest' that is supposed to only attack the larvae - we'll see. The beans are on the way out - squash has already been uprooted and composted. We have lemon cucumbers finally - yup, cucumbers that look like lemons, but taste like...cucumbers. And canteloupe. We have big canteloupe. Although the two largest 'disappeared' while we were gone at Chapelwood's family retreat over the weekend. The sunflowers are towering and beautiful, and we continue to enjoy an abundance of fresh cut zinnias around the house. See 'Flickr' for more photos.

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