Tuesday, February 24, 2009

magic wands and cowboys

Maggie's preschool class is currently studying cowboys/girls in preparation for rodeo month here in Houston. We have two cowboy books from the library that they/we have been reading non-stop...interspersed with another book called "The wizard, the Witch and the Magic Chicken."

I overheard this dialogue between Maggie and Seth as I was hanging out the laundry in our backyard this morning:

Maggie: Let's play cowboys. I will be a cowgirl and this is my magic wand.

Seth: uh-huh.
a few moments later....
Seth: I am the bad guy and I take sticks from other people's gardens. And this is my sack of cash.

Maggie: We need Papa to be the 'cookie' (which she tells me is the cowboy name for the trail cook) and drive our wagon train.

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