Monday, July 6, 2009

Silverthorne, CO - on the trail

We made it over the Continental Divide on Saturday and arrived safely in Silverthorne for a week with Rebecca's family, after enjoying the 4th of July parade in Crested Butte. As of today, Seth is in great health, Maggie seems to be over conjunctivitis, Rebecca is slightly improved, and I am feeling somewhat less lousy, but now have conjunctivitis. But it's another beautiful place to be sick in!
The seven cousins are having a blast getting reacquainted, and today we took a leisurely 4 hour, 3.3 mile hike along Lake Lilypad trail overlooking Frisco. Another stunning day - a highlight was watching a beaver swim around the lake while we ate lunch. Maggie and Seth were stars - a long hike with no complaints or requests for rides.
The house we're all staying in is a tad more luxurious than we're accustomed to! We look out over the mountains, and can step out the back door and into the woods - or the hot tub, which is Maggie and Seth's new favourtite thing. Sean and Jeremy were soaking in it last night and watched a fox slink past just a few feet away.
The kids seem rested now, but Rebecca and I have little left in reserve. It's good to be with family.

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