Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lexington, Kentucky

We got internet service in our new home today, and so I thought I'd end the day with a brief update on our transition from Houston to Lexington.

Our last week in Houston was a blur - more details to take care of than we anticipated. But thanks to the exceedingly gracious hospitality of Bonnie & John McMillan we survived. One highlight of the last week was Seth finally gaining confidence in the swimming pool, thanks to Gigi's (Peggy Hennek) steadfast 'coaching'.

Our last night on the Street was overwhelming. We were showered with love by the community that we have had the privilege of belonging to for the last 7 years, and who are sending us out with their blessing and support to live and serve and "keep the main thing the main thing" here in Lexington. It was a bittersweet time, saying 'a dios' to so many people who we love, and who love us and who we have experienced much of God's grace with in the messiness of our common life over the years. People were so generous, kind and thoughtful with their words and gifts and we left deeply humbled by the evening, and deeply aware of how much we have been blessed during our sojourn "keeping it weird" at Mercy Street. There really aren't words right now.

We set out early Sunday morning for the 2 day drive North-East, which was relatively uneventful (at least compared to the same drive the week before in the U-Haul with Geoff). We arrived late Monday afternoon, and enjoyed the first of many meals with the Maddocks - mostly made with vegetables picked from their garden just beforehand. We have been slowly unpacking, making lists and taking care of the myriad details a move entails. We've enjoyed being pedestrians again, and went to our first pot luck tonight with some local food enthusiasts - cheese grits, ummmmm. We catch glimpses of what our life will become here, which offsets the chaos of our home, and weariness from lack of sleep and the sheer pace of the last few weeks.

Maggie and Seth have jumped into their new situation with both feet, and love spending hours and hours with Isaac and some of the other kids in the community. Rebecca and I are bone-tired, and decided yesterday that it feels like we're visiting on vacation - hanging out with friends, sharing meals, doing some fun things - rather than this being our new home. I imagine the reality of all that this transition means for us will sink in in the days and weeks to come.

We look forward to becoming much more intentional with the blog as this new season in the life of our family begins...

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