Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Staghorn Sumac
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We've been enjoying the colours of autumn for the past month. The depth of hue of reds and oranges and yellows has been a delight to the eye, and we've been reacquainting ourselves with Kentucky flora, such as this Staghorn Sumac, and the Ginkgo trees that Maggie and Seth love. The sun has shone in blue skies and the air has been crisp in the morning, warm in the afternoon. We feel gently eased into the Kentucky climate - a mild summer, a warm autumn, and the first cold drizzle of winter today.

Most of the leaves have now fallen - some will provide a warm covering for the roots of their trees as protection against the cold of winter, and will nourish the soil as they decompose. Others will be raked, bagged and carried away, and mulch will be purchased and spread around to mimic the Creator's design with a 'tidier' aesthetic...

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