Friday, January 8, 2010

Campsie Place - January 8th 2010

It has not been above freezing since we came home, with little hope of that any time soon. Our Houston-acclimatized bodies are feeling it! Our narrow side street has been inaccessible to the city ploughs, which makes for a pretty picture, but slick footing underneath. Maggie and Seth were excited to see snowdrifts, but disappointed to discover that it's not "fun" snow - so cold it's just powder. We hung the final curtains last night, and i finished putting that plastic wrap stuff over the south facing windows. There's still an arctic gale blowing through the kitchen cabinets - the tile floor sucks the heat out of our feet. We've plugged the draughts best we can, but with the thermostat set at 60, the heat still stays on most of the day. Welcome to winter!

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Hey Sean. This music link is for you.