Friday, September 25, 2009

Apple goodness

Apple goodness
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Last weekend we made a tentative first step towards 'putting up food' for the winter. We've been steadily eating our way through the 50 pounds of apples we picked at Reed Valley Orchard on Labor Day - including a delicious spicy apple pie courtesy of Delia Smith, renowned British chef and owner of my home team, Norwich City Football Club.
So, we have apple butter and apple chutney to put in the freezer, and dehydrated apples for the pantry. We'll return to Reed Valley in October to pick Fuji, Gold Rush, Granny Smith and Arkansas Black varieties, and see what we can do with them.


Pete the Brit said...

That sounds like a lot of fun with apples...I've really gotten into the crockpot recently...I have french onion soup bubbling away :)

The Gladdings in Lexington said...

add more vino!

maria said...

Count us in for the next to trip to the orchard -- I'll spring for a fried pie as we leave. Also, you can tell me how you made the chutney!

Melissa McD said...

Let us know also. We were at the store today and Katelyn looked at the apples and said, "Go pick apples." So I think she should just go out to the orchard and do just that!!!

alayna said...

Oh man! We used to do all that! We even have a canner that belonged to Steve's mom, and we would put up green beans and tomatoes, and black-eyed peas, and freeze corn and squash, and I made the best peach preserves I have ever tasted, if I do say so myself! But somewhere between 3 & 4 kids, we lost the time to do all that. However, I can't bring myself to give away the canner. I still have hope that someday... Enjoy all those delicious looking apple products!