Friday, October 23, 2009

Seth turns 4

Seth & birthday cake #4
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We celebrated Seth's 4th birthday a couple of weeks ago, with a shindig at the Ferrell's home, joined by Jeremy, Erin and the boys. We played lots of games on the lawn, some dug up from Sean's childhood ('pin the tail on the donkey', 'musical statues'), others from Rebecca's outdoor education background ('pin the clothes peg on someone', 'giants, elves, wizards'). Lots of laughter, and a beautiful butterscotch sponge cake a la Nigella Lawson.
Seth is a delightful little boy, and has a variety of states of being. He loves to run ahead of us when we're walking somewhere, climbing on steps, or walls, and laughing out loud.He has a rock star mood, when he plays air guitar with a very serious face, then cracks himself up. Or his construction mood, when he's concentrating hard on building a tower with wooden blocks or 'Wedgits', which he got another pack of for his birthday. He is into cutting paper with his scissors, spending this afternoon drawing and coloring ghosts, cutting them out, then sticking them to the walls with scotch tape. He enjoys being with Maggie about 96% of the time and we love watching the creative play they engage in.
We are deeply grateful for the gift of Seth in our lives.

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Mark said...

Happy Birthday Seth! And much love to the family.