Monday, May 17, 2010


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We spent a delightful couple of days this weekend enjoying animals as a family. Maggie's class took a field trip to Louisville zoo today, and we all went along. It was a cool, overcast day - perfect for wandering around with a bunch of kindergardeners. It was our first time to this zoo, and they pack a lot into a small space - which brought out the ambivalence I (Sean) feel about zoos. I love being able to see animals I would probably never ever get to see otherwise, but recognize that most are crammed into a concrete and steel structure that surely cannot feel like home, even to those that were born there. Still, the animals today were very lively - giraffes see-sawing around their enclosure, penguins diving and swimming, a very friendly orangutan and a siberian tiger that roared as we approached - a quite terrifying sound when you're not expecting it, the deep bass rumble at the end reverberating around in our chests. Maggie and Seth had a big time with their friends, and we enjoyed leisurely conversation with other parents.

On Saturday, a truly glorious spring day, we went to the Bluegrass Sheepdog trials and watched dog and owner work together on a lush, green canvas of rolling hills. It's felt like a huge gift to have two full days of outdoor time together, and seeing the beauty of creation expressed in so many ways filled us deeply.

Hopefully this brief entry signals a return to updating our blog a little more often - watch this space!


tammiemg said...

I get your point about zoos - in one of my science classes I taught back 20 some odd years ago, there was a unit I created on zoos for my science/technology/science course. The late 80s and early 90s saw an effort to try and recreate habitats along with figure out best population for each area. It marked a huge transition from how captive animals had been treated previously - but still a little haunting to realize the loss that it caused the animal (and often their native habitat) to let them be enjoyed by us in recreational parks.

tammiemg said...

Glad you all had a good time - both days watching/enjoying other members of our animal kingdom!