Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Community Supported Agriculture

Hoop house produce
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Jeremy Porter, a member of our community here, is farming just under an acre of land about 30 minutes outside Lexington. Supported by his wife Karissa, he has started a CSA called Eden's Gate, providing fresh produce to 40 shareholders, ourselves included.

Back in the winter months he bought and constructed this hoop house with the help of several teams of volunteers. He has been starting all his seedlings to transplant to the field in the hoop house, and has also planted rows of vegetables in the ground, as you can see. This picture was taken 3 weeks ago - when I went out last Thursday, you could barely see the paths, so lush was the produce. We've enjoyed some heads of lettuce, broccoli and turnips this week, and the CSA officially starts on Thursday - a week earlier than planned.

I've been out a few times to help plant the seedlings, hoe and water. It's been a gift to spend time with Jeremy, get my hands in good soil, and watch the miracle of growth from seed to seedling to food up close.

There's plenty of information on CSAs available on the web - there's probably one near you. Support your local farmers, and enjoy the amazing flavour of locally-sourced produce.

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